Doughlings: Invasion Version 1.2 Patch Notes

The Invasion Returns!

Morpheus is back to save his people and he has new tricks up his sleeve! This is the first major update we are bringing to the Doughlings: Invasion, and we prepared new additions, balance changes, along with some tweaks.

You can read our Doughlings: Invasion Developer Diary – Part 7: Rebirth where we talked about the updates development process and the additions it will bring to the table. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the details!

New Additions

‣ New Modes

Arcade: Doughlings: Invasion in classic fixed-shooter fashion.

  • One coin with a certain number of lives to finish the game from beginning to end.

Campaign: The best way to experience the story and get used to the mechanics of the game.

  • Level Selection: Upon defeating the specific boss of a certain level, players will be able to choose and play that completed section at will.
  • Selectable levels will be separated between difficulties.
  • After finishing a level, the previous DNA tree of the specific Doughling will be fully upgraded even if the player missed the opportunity to defeat Queens.
  • Players will have a certain amount of lives when starting each level and they will replenish at the beginning of every level.

Tweaks and Changes

  • Morpheus’ Golden Bullet now penetrates enemies which can be defeated by a single shot.
  • The fire rate of Morpehus’ basic attack has been increased.
  • Individual Leaderboards are made for each Difficulty and Level.
  • Berserker and Totem Invader explosion hitboxes have been adjusted.
  • After defeating Trickster in his 2nd state, priorly fired bullets will be removed from the screen.
  • Priorly fired bullets will be removed after bosses are defeated.

Several Balance Changes

Various Bug Fixes

Rearm Yourselves!

With new ways to play and quality of life additions, Doughlings: Invasion offers a one-of-a-kind fixed shooter experience. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the updated version of the title. In addition, Doughlings: Invasion will be -66% off for a week on Steam, so don’t miss out!

Additionally, Doughlings: Invasion is available on the iiRcade platform as well. Enjoy this Space Invaders love letter in the most nostalgic way possible! Be sure to let us know about your resistance against the Invaders as you help out Morpheus trying to save its people. Until we meet again, space doughlings!

– Your friendly neighborhood Superhero developers.