Doughlings: Arcade Breaking into iiRcade Platform!

Morpheus’ Journey Continues

For those who don’t know, Doughlings: Arcade is the very first game that we developed and released for multiple main platforms back in 2018. After three long years, we are happy to announce that Morpheus is back again in the iiRcade platform!

Doughlings: Arcade is our love letter to the timeless classic Arkanoid that brings unique gameplay mechanics to the Breakout genre. With its interesting characters, colorful world, and unexpected story, this title offers a nostalgic and pleasant journey. You can find our very first article for Doughlings: Arcade right here.

Heal ’em all!

The gameplay is simple; Don’t let Dr. Morpehus lose his ball and try to clear the screen as you help your fellow people. During your mission, you will find hidden DNAs and morph into six different personas. Additionally, you can collect elixirs as you finish levels and activate even more powerful abilities for these personas.

Perform Show-Off’s, super abilities that you can unleash to change the course of every level. Every character has its own unique ‘Show Off’ ability that will help you out on your journey. Use them wisely and earn higher scores! As you proceed on your journey, the stages will get harder and you will meet new opponents. Learning your capabilities and knowing your enemy, is essential. If you think you have a vivid imagination, Doughlings: Arcade allows you to create your own levels. You can share them with the world or play other levels created by players from around the globe.

As Hero Concept, we can’t wait to hear your experiences with Doughlings: Arcade, where we believe the title will feel right at home. Experience this nostalgic yet original title in the best way possible.

Morpheus’ story will continue on the iiRcade platform with the sequel, Doughlings: Invasion in the upcoming days so stay tuned! Let us know your journey, as you become the hero of the day and rescue the little Doughlings from their troubles.

– Your friendly neighborhood Superhero developers