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Hero Concept

Platforms and Release dates:
Steam (2025)
PlayStation 4 | 5 (2025)
Xbox One | Series (2025)
Nintendo Switch (2025)


About Hero Concept

Also known as “Sensational video game company,” Founded in 2017, Hero Concept is a multi-platform and multi-genre video game development studio based in the heart of Istanbul.

At Hero Concept, we develop visionary reimaginations of the timeless classics of arcade gaming. We are ardent students of games, and we study the histories of the ever-present classics to carry them into the 21st century–with panache.

We do this in an impossibly lean manner: with a tight-knit team, low overhead, and budgets that defy the norms of the industry. We release on all major platforms and care for our community of players.

We enjoy developing new skill sets as we venture into new genres and audiences. We aim to make every next game deeper and grander than the previous one while creating more inventive, immersive, and memorable worlds within them.

Our first three games, Doughlings: Arcade, Doughlings: Invasion, and Mayhem Brawler, are available for Steam, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One|Series X, and Nintendo Switch platforms worldwide.

We are developing our fourth game, Mayhem Brawler II: Best of Both Worlds. It will be available worldwide on Steam, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

About Mayhem Brawler

A perfect fuse of ’90s arcade vibe and modern rogue-lite / RPG mechanics in a time transition-themed beat ’em up. Play solo or online with friends and shape the story through your choices. Be amazed by the hand-drawn comics-inspired art, frame-by-frame animated characters, and kick-ass soundtracks.

Best of Both Worlds

Witness the unfolding of parallel events in two time periods 20 years apart! On one side is the legendary Stronghold agent Stellar, while on the other is She Wolf, as fiery as ever, who is running a mayoral campaign. The two teams embark on an adventure to uncover one of Mayhem City’s darkest secrets.

A Timeless Experience

Jump back and forth between characters from both timelines that you paired to challenge the opponents of the past and present simultaneously.
Thanks to rogue-lite and RPG elements perfectly fused with classic beat ’em up mechanics, enjoy rich endgame content and a different gameplay experience with each new playthrough.

Game Features

  • A perfect fuse of ‘90s arcade vibe and modern mechanics
  • Jumping back or forth 20 years in time, simultaneously challenge opponents of the past and present
  • Rogue-lite and RPG game mechanics vary the gameplay with each new playthrough.
  • 8 playable heroes with unique abilities against more than 40 different opponents
  • Experience co-op gaming with up to 4 friends online or offline
  • A narrative based on player choices with voiceover and 11 subtitle options
  • Hand-drawn comics-inspired art, frame-by-frame animated characters, and rocking soundtracks
  • Rich endgame content for replayability


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Hero Concept – Logo Package
(zip file includes ai, pdf, eps, and png).

Mayhem Brawler II: Best of Both Worlds – Logo Package
(zip file includes ai, pdf, eps, and png).

Additional Links

Blog posts from our team about the development process: https://www.heroconcept.com/blog

Mayhem Brawler Credits

Creative Director / Lead Game Designer / Story
Serkan Özay

Lead Programmer
Turgut Hakkı Özdemir

Özge Kocaoğlu
Deniz Eryılmaz

Lead Character Animation
Utku Dervişoğlu

Character Concept Artist
Dilailah Beste Kuzu

Character Animation
Emirhan Çetinkaya
Mehmet Musa Serim
Mustafa Hakan Türkmen
Yasin Taş

Lead Background Artist
Rabia Kalyoncu

Background Concept Artist
Ahmet Onur Kirman

Background Artist
Levent Yılmaz

Emir Merzeci

Sound FX
MadRooster Game Audio Lab

Community Manager
Ata Deniz Oktay

Locpick Game Localization & Audio

Gameplay Advisors
Shamsiddin “Mr.Din” Muhammad Jr.
Ricardo “The Flying Kick” Savino