Mayhem Brawler v2.1.5 Wolfpack Update Notes

Ready to Lead the Pack?

Our second major update for Mayhem Brawler is here, and it brings howling additions to the title! If you have seen our latest Developer Diary, you already know what the Wolfpack update brings to the table. We got lots of new additions and quality of life changes. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the patch notes.

New Playable Character

  • She Wolf hungers for battle!
  • Unlocked after the player accepts her help in the Altered Beast (Level 2 – A) section.
  • With the arrival of She Wolf, the 4-Player mode will be available as well!

New Game Mode

  • Level Select Mode is now available. The mode will feature only the previously completed sections, depending on the accomplished difficulty level.


  • Arcade mode has been revamped. There will be no longer story-related elements, such as in-game dialogues or cutscenes in this mode. Additionally, there will be a visible time counter at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Power Bar now has visual and auditory signals to let players know if they have enough energy or not.
  • Breakable / Throwable objects can now deal damage to knocked down enemies.
– Various bug fixes
– Various balance changes

Alter Your Inner Beast

Compared to the golden trio of Stronghold, She Wolf’s playstyle is wild and brutal. We believe our players will have a lot of fun while setting up ruthless combos with this brand-new character. Along with new and revamped game modes, we did our best to enhance the quality of the overall experience in Mayhem Brawler.

We can’t wait to see the marvelous combos you perform with She Wolf and hear your thoughts about the Wolfpack update! Be sure to join our Discord channel, follow our social media accounts to get notified about the latest news! Until we meet again officers!

– Your friendly neighborhood Superhero developers.