Mayhem Brawler/Hero Concept Soundcloud Account!

Mayhem Brawler Soundcloud

Hello Mayhem Brawler, today we are announcing our official Soundcloud account!

What Can I Find in Mayhem Brawler/Hero Concept Soundcloud Account?

You can listen to original soundtracks and cuts from the voice acting sessions of Mayhem Brawler and other Hero Concept titles in the future in the best quality on our Soundcloud account. Here is the direct link for the account:

Hero Concept - Soundcloud

Currently, the latest upload is level 2B theme which is Mayhem Rock City OST. Mayhem Rock City is an unlockable level according to your choice at the end of the first level, The Old Docks. It is a Rock&Metal-themed city level that leaves to a bar section at the end of the level. Voice acting sessions, original voice lines, and bloopers are upcoming for Soundcloud!

By following our account, you will be able to listen to the content we upload instantly and be up to date, and also Soundcloud-specific bloopers will be online too!

Soundcloud offers a pure music environment for both the producer/studio and the listener so we choose to jump in there. Currently, our Main Theme and Mayhem Rock City OST are available on our Soundcloud, YouTube, and IGTV channels.

Current Situation on Development

In the meantime, we are proud to say Stronghold Special Forces are doing pretty well and Mayhem Brawler is better than ever! Voice-overs are getting implemented and the last brushes are being hit at the moment. We are adding 2 whole new enemies, one lycanthrope race and one lieutenant. In the conclusion: You will get more than we offered! A faster, stronger, and a whole big Mayhem Brawler awaits! Don’t forget to follow our IMGUR, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts!

That was all for the announcement because we have a lot more to do! Now release is closer than ever! While we are developing the beat ’em up of our lives for you guys, we hope you are staying safe in your homes and being happy, playing games. And if you still haven’t added Mayhem Brawler to your wishlist, here is the link or you can use the widget on the bottom of the page.

– Your friendly neighborhood superhero developers.