Mayhem Brawler v1.0.14 Patch Notes

Mayhem Brawler Patch

Greetings, officers of super-powered law enforcement agency Stronghold. We heard you

From the moment Mayhem Brawler has been released, the studio pays close attention to the communities feedback and thoughts for the game. Most of the players were satisfied with the action. However, some had difficulties adapting to the design of the game mechanics. We wanted to address this issue and make a couple of adjustments to the core mechanics and as a result, we’ve studied and prepared our first post-release patch regarding these issues along with new features.

Changes and Adjustments

We’ve seen a lot of comments indicating that the game is “Stiff” and “Sluggish”. That being said, we primarily started adjusting the movements of our heroes, along with adding new additional features and bug fixes.

Here are the following changes and adjustments:

  • Combo Canceling
    • Normal attacks can be linked right after the animations such as Dash, Block, and Jump now
  • Jump Improvements
    • You can now change your directions in mid-air
    • While stationary jumping, you can now give movement to the characters in mid-air
    • Upon landing, you will be able to turn and jump in the opposite direction
    • Upon landing, you will be able to execute moves such as Attack, Special Attack, Dash, and Block
  • Blocking
    • You can now change your direction while blocking
  • New Ranged Behaviour
    • Ranged enemies were standing next to our heroes after they are knocked down. Now, they will put some distance between our heroes after they fell down
  • Enemies
    • After getting knocked down, Mejin’s teleportation distance had no boundary. Their Blink range has been adjusted
    • The combo count of Pure/Full Blood’s has been decreased to 3 hits, but their last combo hit turned into a barrage of assault with submachine guns
  • New Additions
    • Trouble’s Dash Jump Strike: Trouble was performing a somersault kick for this animation. Now, he is executing a downward moonsault kick, allowing him to hit enemies while landing

Animation Revisions

  • Trouble’s dash attack animation
  • Star’s item pick up animation
  • Boss Nosfetaru walking and lie down / get up animation
  • Pure Blood / Pure Blood Inmate / Full Blood / Full Blood Prisoner walking animation
  • Dhampir and Half-Blood walking animation
  • Weregator / Werecroc / Werecaiman catch (payback) animation
  • Enforcer block animation
  • Weregolden ears have been redrawn. They look like real Golden Retriever’s now 🙂

Balance Changes

  • Enemy Self-Defense Values Decreased (Probability to attack when the hero enters her/his melee reach while they are in idle state)
    • Decreased to 10% from 40% at the “Cadet” Difficulty
    • Decreased to 30% from 60% at the “Officer” Difficulty

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Achievement Notifications could not pop up after getting the achievement
  • Fixed a bug where players could not calculate their scores on Arcade mode correctly after clearing a stage
  • A bug where Ghasts and Ghouls did not perform the Anti-Cheap combo has been fixed
  • A bug where Mejin Brutes teleported locations in thrown animation has been fixed

The Future

We are happy to tell you that the studio is nowhere near leaving this project in its current state. The team is bursting with ideas and already started working out to implement new additions to the game. These new features will launch with a major patch in the near future.

We want our community to know that; we are here and listening. Players’ thoughts and feedback are always important whether if it’s positive or negative. Our goal is to let players have fun while playing our games. Keep the feedback live and let us know what you think about the current version of the game. We will see you in the streets officers!

– Your friendly neighborhood superhero developers.