Mayhem Brawler/Hero Concept Official Account!

Hero Concept Twitch

Hello Mayhem Brawler, it’s been a while since we talked last time and yes, we are opening a channel for Hero Concept!

Mayhem Brawler Game Category / Tag

From now on, Mayhem Brawler recognized by Twitch as a category as well. You can follow the tag for getting notified when a Mayhem Brawler stream goes live or you can stream Mayhem Brawler under its own category. Here is the link for the category/game:

Why Should I Follow And Turn On The Bell For Hero Concept Twitch Account?

Hero Concept account is officially open! The features and what to expect are listed down below. You can see and follow the channel using this link: …And don’t forget to turn on the “bell” so you will get notified when Hero Concept goes online!

  • Official streams / AMAs made with Developers and Community Manager in both English and Turkish.
    • You will be able to ask anything to Hero Concept crew and get your responses live, also you can watch the developers play the game to see if they get can beat Legendary difficulty!
  • Mayhem Brawler and Doughlings streamer hosts.
    • We will host streamers who stream Mayhem Brawler or Doughlings franchise.
  • Giveaways of Hero Concept title cd keys.
    • On anniversaries and special days, we will make giveaway events for Hero Concept games.
  • Lore quizzes from Hero Concept games with prizes.
    • We all know how beautiful Mayhem Brawler and Doughlings stories are. They are both living universes with their own histories, characters, and places. We will be making quiz shows that will go extremely joyful for us all and give you surprise prizes!
  • Getting notified when something happens new and the ability to seeing it live.
    • There may be times we won’t be announcing something but just giving a “peak” to our loyal fans! You can always catch us if you will have the bell on!
  • Surprise streams without announcing.
    • A slightly different version of the previous feature, this is not for something secret happening, instead just for having some sincere fun time with our loyal fans again!

That was all for the announcement because we have a lot more to do! Now release is closer than ever! While we are developing the beat ’em up of our lives for you guys, we hope you are staying safe in your homes and being happy, playing games. And if you still haven’t added Mayhem Brawler to your wishlist, here is the link or you can use the widget on the bottom of the page.

– Your friendly neighborhood superhero developers.