Doughlings: Arcade Developer Diary – Part 4: Concept Art

Hail to all concept art lovers,

We are dedicating this week’s dev diary to all art geeks out there because our design team worked pretty hard last week to bring you the first look at level background images from Village and Misty Forest.

Concept Art

Let’s look at the Village first. Village world will include 30 different levels from easy to west including secret levels. We tried to reflect theafter-effectss of the meteor crash while saving the beauty of Doughlings’s home. Each part of the Village is unique and will hide a secret for you to uncover. Please click on the image below for a detailed look.

Concept Art

Second is the Forest. The Forest is the 2nd world after Village and it will include 30 different levels as well. Our goal is to keep its mystic look and somehow represent it as a part of a Doughlings’s home with little touches here and there. You will venture from east to west and maybe solve the mystery beneath the grand tree.

Concept Art

Pretty good isn’t it? We will keep working to bring you the best experience at its own kind and the release date is getting closer so be ready for the more exciting news. See you on the next diary.

As always, Heal Them All!