Developer Diary Part 6 – The Sound of Doughlings: Arcade

the sound

When you are developing a game, you focus on many things like the gameplay, graphics, story or characters. By today’s standards, the sound and music are also one of them. Without the right tune and sound effects, it is nearly impossible to capture the player. Today we will talk about how we have approached this side of Doughlings: Arcade.


The story of our game is all about the Doughlings folks. They have been poisoned by a meteor crash and now each one of them has a different personality. To show the player how they really feel, Serkan Özay, Creative Director of Hero Concept decided to record unique sounds for every Doughlings in the game. And the result is just hilarious. Check out the example sounds from below.

These are just one of the targets and their reactions during the gameplay. Besides their visual differences, we wanted to give them another identity with unique voices. This helped us a lot to achieve the tone of Doughlings: Arcade we have now.

Let’s Do This!

Not only targets but personas had to be identified as well. To achieve it, we have worked with Richard Anderson, the one and only “Nokia, Connecting People” voice. Since this is a game based on different personas, they must appear with a style, right? So we did that and the result is below.

As you see for all 7 personas, there is one unique call out when the player morphs into them. Of course, we didn’t work with Mr. Anderson just for persona sounds. We have recorded some funny lines as well just to play with the player. 😉 Check out the example from below.

And the Music

Of course, you can’t make a game without well-crafted songs. Thanks to Başar Ünder, we have managed to capture the 80s funky tunes and combine them with retro sounds. You will hear 5 different, totally unique songs in Doughlings: Arcade including one for each world, one for the main menu and one for the level editor. You can check out the Ruins soundtrack from below.

With all of these and more, we believe you will enjoy Doughlings: Arcade not by its visuals and gameplay but also the sound behind it as well. Don’t forget to check out our Steam Page from below and see you soon on the next blog!