Mayhem Brawler OST – New Tracks!

Mayhem Brawler OST Update Cover Image

We all know a good soundtrack is integral to any beat ’em up. It helps the player to get involved with the game setting the tone of a particular level or warning the player that a big bad boss is closer. And when the soundtrack is perfect, we want to listen to it everywhere. That’s why we called the talented Emir Merzeci to compose the original 47 rocking tunes from the game for Mayhem Brawler. But, with our past updates, we also updated the game with two more tracks, one from the famous Air Supremacy trailer and the other is the newly added adrenaline-pumped Boss Rush.

We know many of you were waiting to have both tracks outside the game, and we just did that. Both tracks are now available in the Mayhem Brawler OST, which you can find on Steam, so don’t lose any more time and update your copy.

You can get it here if you don’t own the OST: