Mayhem Brawler iiRcade Version is Available Now!

Feels Like Home!

Our recently released title “Mayhem Brawler” will be available on its 5th platform “iiRcade” starting today, September 28th! Experience the modern urban fantasy-themed beat ’em up with comic book art style and kick-ass soundtracks in old-school fashion! Enjoy the reawakened genre on its full potential and beat up bullies to a pulp without spending a single coin!

Mayhem Brawler will drop down with its up-to-date version, and it will receive the latest updates along the road (You can find our latest patch notes here). The game will allow a 2-player coop experience and let you bring another colleague for your investigation. Patrol the streets of Mayhem Brawler with your friend as you exchange blows and superpowers against good old thugs, werewolves, vampires, wizards, and grueling bosses. Uncover the dark mysteries of the story as you choose your own adventure. Reach out to one of the three endings with the branching paths on your patrols.

Upon concluding the story once, players will unlock the “Arcade Mode”. This feature will offer only one credit and a couple of lives depending on your difficulty for the conclusion of your playthrough. The true arcade experience for those who have confidence in their clenched fists!

We hope that the owners of the platform have a blast playing “Mayhem Brawler” on the “iiRcade” system!

You can find the link for Mayhem Brawler iiRcade version here:

Mayhem Brawler iiRcade Store Page