Doughlings: Invasion Developer Diary – Part 6: Inspirations & Fun Facts


Hello! Welcome to our 6th developer diary. Today we would like to talk about the design inspirations and some fun facts about Doughlings universe. If you want to read other dev diaries be our guest!

Where It Come From?

Where Doughlings idea comes from could shock you a little bit. In the 1970s there was a Tv Cartoon called “Barbapapa” ( if you are curious about it) In this show, Barbapapa (also name of the species) could transform to anything they want. On those days some of us in Hero Concept was just a child waiting for cartoons on the TV in the morning. So, some of us raised with this TV show and this made a huge impact on Doughlings creation. Also, Superfrog from Amiga, 90’s Worms and Pokemon’s Geodude affected the design of Doughlings too. With those nostalgic elements, we create a cute creature with lots of love.

Our first game’s journey was a little bit strange. At first, we just re-skinned a basic brick-breaker game and then we put different elements on it. For example, we added Show Off’s. And those Show Off mechanics changed our perspective a lot. We designed Doughlings universe by uniting lots of different genres. But this design process also brings some limitations too. For example, our little friends don’t have legs. So when we want to make a beat’em up the game this will limit us because come on… They are Doughlings not a bunch of Geodudes.

In Doughlings: Arcade we didn’t want a designated enemy or so much violence factor so Morpheus was “healing” its friends by shooting them with a cure.  But in Doughlings: Invasion… Our friend has lots of enemies and Morpheus gonna kick their a**es.


Barbapapa, Super Frog, Worms and Geodude

Fun Fact Time!

  • Doughlings are made of just water and flour. Because of that, you can see a lot of Windmills in the Arcade and Invasion.
  • Because they are made of flour, they worship “Wheat Deity”. At old times there were lots of temples for Wheat Deity but they are most likely a ruin right now.
  • They have enough technology to observe other life forms in the galaxy but they prefer to keep it simple and live a natural life.
  • In Doughlings universe, their planet is flat. At old times some Doughlings said it’s not flat but round. When those Doughlings who want to prove their theory went to the edge of the world they fell into space.
  • Their population grows by mitosis. When a Doughling comes to a certain age multiply itself and 2 independent Doughlings will live their lives.

We are very excited to hear your feedback. Hope to see you soon at our next development diary.