Doughlings: Arcade Developer Diary – Part 1: Welcome

And here we are ladies and gents. We would like to welcome you to our first Developer Diary of Doughlings: Arcade. As you know, we have just opened our social media pages and we were trying to share screenshots and videos from the early stage of the game. From now on, every week we will give you updates about the progress of Doughlings and hopefully, one of them will include the release date.

First of all, let us give you a little background about the project. Doughlings started as a test project many years ago by Serkan Özay, Creative Director of Hero Concept. When we became “Hero Concept”, the project turned into reality. Right now we are working on Doughlings as three people: Serkan Özay, Turgut Hakkı Özdemir (Lead Programmer) and Eray Uygun (Marketing Manager). At the upcoming days, we will be sharing more insights about the past of Doughlings, its evolution and future in a “What is Doughlings?” series, featuring Serkan Özay.

Right now lets talk about what we are doing. We are at the pre-alpha stage of the game. This means we have lots of work to do. Let us give you some examples from our to do list:

  • World and level designs (3 different worlds and 90 different levels)
  • Server preparations
  • Music and Audio integrations
  • Gameplay dynamics integrations (characters, skills, targets and boosters)
  • Achievements and leaderboards.
  • New character designs
  • Bugs, bugs and bugs
  • Etc…


These are just couple of examples from our upcoming weeks. During these stages, we will do our best to continue to give you many details as we can. Our main target is to release the game in Q1 2018. The game will be published globally in 9 different languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish. All in game contents will be translated to these languages and our plan is to manage social media pages in those languages after the launch as well.

You may have seen from our posts but let us remind you that Doughlings: Arcade will be a one of a kind game. It is something between brick breaking and bubble games while carrying the spirit of all time classic Arkanoid. With this idea, we are building a game with totally unique characters, skills, powers and of course well-designed worlds and levels which you haven’t seen before. All these elements will be supported by a wonderful soundtrack created by Başar Ünder.

As the content of first part of Doughlings Developer Diary, we don’t want to bore you with uninteresting details. Please stay tuned for more videos and screenshots from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Also feel free to share any comment which may help us greatly.

So we want to welcome you again and see you on the next one.
As always, Heal Them All!