Doughlings: Arcade – The Homestretch

And here we are, the homestretch and a couple of days away from the release date May 8th. After months of dedication and coffee consumption, it feels so great to see the end. But we know that it is just a new beginning.

From very early days of the development, we always wanted to achieve one thing: a new approach to breakout and brick breaker genres while respecting their core mechanics. As we see more players experience the game at the preview version of Doughlings, it is clear that we have successfully fulfilled that task.

But we did it with YOUR help. Doughlings: Arcade has been in the closed beta stage for almost 2 months now. During this period, we have learned many things by observing testers and getting feedback from them. We have:

* Improved in-game tutorials and made them clearer for new users.
* Added a mouse control option.
* Created a brand end game trailer (which can be seen only if you finish all 75 levels).
* Fixed lots of bugs, including some critical ones.
* Added 2 new languages (Chinese and Japanese will be available with the release).
And so on…

With this successful closed beta period, Doughlings: Arcade has become a better game and we are very proud of the end result. That’s why we want to thank all our friends, volunteers and press who played and shared our game with the world.

If you are an arcade fan or looking for a game to test your reflexes, or maybe someone that misses the old-school games, don’t forget to check it out. We are sure that you will find something that you will certainly enjoy. 🙂

See you on May 8th!