Mayhem Brawler Developer Diary – Part 1: Cracking Knuckles

Mayhem Brawler

Hello Brawlers! This is the first-ever dev diary of Mayhem Brawler, we are so excited as you are! Hope you are staying safe and healthy in your homes! Because you know, there is an evil crime lord called “pandemic” and we only can beat it together. Okay, let’s cut to the chase, today we are talking about a brand-new beat ’em up title of ours. Mayhem Brawler is our 3rd title, the first game of the Mayhem Universe, so let’s not wait any longer!

Origin of Mayhem Brawler

Mayhem Universe was founded and created by Serkan Özay in 2013 for a trading card game called Mayhem Chronicles. As you all know, for making a trading card game you need very detailed lore, many characters, NPCs, classes, and history of the universe. Since a trading card game means a lot of workforces, we needed to postpone it. Until everyone and everything is ready for it of course. If we talk about the Mayhem Universe in which Mayhem Brawler takes place, the correct word would be urban fantasy. It’s a gray universe with superheroes, vampires, lycanthropes, wizards, and of course zombies! After the developments of Doughlings: Arcade and Doughlings: Invasion are both completed, we started to look for an alternative project to Mayhem Chronicles.

Since we all love side-scroller beat ’em up games and many of us were arcade regulars, the decision was on Mayhem Brawler. Mayhem Brawler isn’t your everyday beat ’em up with just beating things and no replay value. In Mayhem Brawler, your choices matter. But hear me out, they MATTER. I mean they lead you to one of 3 all unique endings. And here comes the best part, Mayhem Brawler is just the beginning of the Mayhem Universe so far. After the successful release of Mayhem Brawler, the straightforward sequel will be Mayhem Fighter in the fighting game genre. Those will follow up after each other and Mayhem Universe will expand more and more!

What Have We Done So Far

Participated in Xbox Summer Game Fest on June 2020 with our first-ever playable demo for Mayhem Brawler including 1 playable character and 1 playable level. Despite imperfections, players loved the demo, which made us extremely glad about our work. Also, players gave us many feedbacks which helped us perfect the Mayhem Brawler. We listened to every single feedback and worked over them.

OST of the game is beyond perfect, it really is “music to our ears”, it has killer guitar shreds and rock-solid riffs, it sounds MAYHEM! The announcement of Mayhem Brawler done in November 2020, you can find the article on our official website You can watch the announcement teaser from here as well. Also, we opened our Discord channel to the public in December 2020, you can follow the link for the article and join our server!.

We can say most of the game design processes are mostly good to go, approximately %80 if we talk statistically. Programming and porting needs a few weeks more, but don’t worry, it’s close! Trouble and Star’s designs are completed, we are working over Dolphin and hoping to complete it before beta so you can enjoy our toughest character, he is even able to jump while lifting objects! Backgrounds are half-done as well, we are adding more details to the playground which will make it already better than it was! Cutscenes are still a little far away than the others but trust us, cinematics will feel so great once they are done!

This was our first dev diary for Mayhem Brawler so far, we will keep you updated as soon as possible! During this time, please stay home if possible. Don’t take off your mask outside! Keep your social distance, always carry a disinfectant with you, don’t hang around when unnecessary. Care about other’s safety as well, deal brawlers? Take care for now!