Doughlings: Arcade – Where to Buy Doughlings?

Another week and we are here with another great news. As you may know Doughlings: Arcade will be released on May 9th and Steam will not the only place that you can find our game. Let’s see where and when you can check out our game.

Durmaplay: (Turkey only)
Indie Gala: Coming soon
G2A: Coming soon
Oyunfor: Coming soon (Turkey only)

These are the worldwide sellers that you can buy Doughlings: Arcade with the release or before. We will let you know when other pages are ready to go.

How about the price?

This was something that we wanted to reveal with the release but nevermind. The base price for Doughlings: Arcade will be $4.99 but it will change based on the country you are in or the place you will buy. So take your time and check all the options (including Steam) and go for it.

With $4.99 price tag you will receive 10 hours of gameplay, not to mention the level editor which will boost your playtime even more for hours. When you consider the release discount which will be available on May 9th as well, we believe that is not that high for a game like Doughlings. But of course, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any special promotions or bundles in the future. Try to check our store pages from time to time to not to miss any.

At the upcoming days, we will reveal more details about the game and especially the Level Editor. Don’t forget to check out our social media pages for latest news. See you soon!