2020 Roster of Hero Concept Reporting for Duty!

Hero Concept 2020 Roster

We left behind an action-packed year and welcomed 2020 with major real-life upgrades and patches including a brand new project, a new comfy office, dynamic new team members and a new energetic management board.

For the development of our side-scrolling beat’em up project, we welcomed veteran video game artists Berk Ulaş and Cem Vural into our team. During the fundraising roadshow for the project, we managed to secure commitments from our current investor Tunç Yalgın as well as from our new investor Bora Koçyiğit. He also joined our board of management along with another valuable participant, Eren Merzeci, who also serves as our team’s investment consultant.

In April 2020, we will be announcing the project itself, “Mayhem Brawler”, along with its playable demo. We will also be sharing a lot of content through our various social media accounts! Make sure you follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep track of what sort of chaos is brewing in the streets of Mayhem City!

Photo (left to right): Berk Ulaş, Turgut Hakkı Özdemir, Eren Merzeci, Bora Koçyiğit, Serkan Özay, Cem Vural and Alican Kaynak.